Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Keep it to the street

Art is a way to express an idea, a feeling or a vision. Photographie is my art.
I tried and try other forms of expressing myself my whole life. I tried drawing, painting, writing even working with clay. Till now i can say that the photographie is my direct way to express myself.
I like other artforms as well.
Not all of cause, once i went to a exhibition hall with art installments. One guy tried to express a feeling with junk... it was pretty boring. The only thing what kept me awake was performing jokes about it. Sure I know that some people see it the same way with my pictures, but who cares ;-).

Mixing up different art styles can be interesting too. I like to mix up my photography with street art especially graffiti. The following pictures show my try on these mixing ups.

This one i found in North Hollywood by accident. The artists alias is "bumblebee" you can check him out on twitter.

Not a very smart sentence to me but i like it anyway. I took it on a bridge in cologne. 

Chinatown in San Francisco is a place you have to see. I got my shoot in this truck.

Another great picture out of central Los Angeles. I took it at a parking ground in a backyard of a downtown building.

Obama is watching you. Ok he is at least watching the people of LA.

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

the gateway to the soul

It's told that the eye is the gateway or window to the soul.
This quote set two things as given.
First there is a soul.
I told before that i don't know if i believe in a god. It's the same to the soul. If there is one this would possibly mean that i charge it due to the things i do. But i dont want to get too philosophical.
Second the eye is the only entry.
As a photographer i know that the eye is very special. My focus point as a viewer to a picture is in the most cases the eye. My focus point as a photographer is in any case always the eyes.
I think many people try to read other people through their eyes. The TV show "Lie to me" is all about the reading in the face in particular the eyes.
What the special thing about the eye is, i cant tell. I simply love them. They tell you all and nothing at the same time.

She got so stunning eyes by her own and without helping with photoshop.

Here we tried a ring light. It can set a corona on the outside of the pupil

Another mysterious eye with a enhanced contrast.