Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

ancient Athens

Last week I've spent some day's in Athens. Unfortunately I didn't get so much time to see all the nice places and I'm sure i missed a lot of the best places. For example the Acropolis museum which is rated top three of the world best museums by TIME magazine. But i was able to lay my eyes on the famous Acropolis and it was indeed impressive. Sure Athens/Greece had to got to a lot of troubles during the past years and you are going to see it on the streets but you can also feel the history of ancient times and this is what I will remember as well as the lovely people, the great food and probably best coffee on the planet.

I think Athens is worth a trip!!!

The traffic situation is crazy. I was afraid to get killed by a motorcycle. 

The metro is an easy way to get around. There are only 3 lines but you can get reach the most interesting places.

The place in front of the greek parlament is called to be a famous meeting point.

You can see left overs of the complicated times which Greece have to go through.

Motorcycles are everywhere and there driving like crazy.

Graffitis can be seen everywhere. From simple once... 

to something with a heart ...
or something to think about...

or a multiple combination of dogs and hearts and tags.

Athens give you a great mediterranean feeling. An old motorcycle, or the nice people, the spices or the orange trees you can spot everywhere. 
I didn't count the hills within the city. But if Rome is called to be build on seven hills then Athens has to be builded on at least eight.

You can spot a lot of wild pet animals. I assume this to be an effect of the financial crisis. But I'm not sure... 

The Plaka is the ancient city center stuffed with souvenir shops and restaurants. But take a step aside and you'll find old forgotten streets.

The religious basis in Athens is very strong. Greek christian orthodox churches are a must see.

This is Mr. Hulk :-)

Everywhere is history.

You can sit back an enjoy and feel the first steps of modern democracies 

A must see. And if you have only one day to stay you have to see the Acropolis.

Even with the reconstruction works going on you can imagine the importance of place in former times.

A traditional guard at the Greek parlament.

The father of gods Zeus.

He must has lost his lightning.