Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Keep it to the street

Art is a way to express an idea, a feeling or a vision. Photographie is my art.
I tried and try other forms of expressing myself my whole life. I tried drawing, painting, writing even working with clay. Till now i can say that the photographie is my direct way to express myself.
I like other artforms as well.
Not all of cause, once i went to a exhibition hall with art installments. One guy tried to express a feeling with junk... it was pretty boring. The only thing what kept me awake was performing jokes about it. Sure I know that some people see it the same way with my pictures, but who cares ;-).

Mixing up different art styles can be interesting too. I like to mix up my photography with street art especially graffiti. The following pictures show my try on these mixing ups.

This one i found in North Hollywood by accident. The artists alias is "bumblebee" you can check him out on twitter.

Not a very smart sentence to me but i like it anyway. I took it on a bridge in cologne. 

Chinatown in San Francisco is a place you have to see. I got my shoot in this truck.

Another great picture out of central Los Angeles. I took it at a parking ground in a backyard of a downtown building.

Obama is watching you. Ok he is at least watching the people of LA.