Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

give Bonn a chance to impress you

Well i probably wrote this before Bonn is really not the nicest town on earth but it got some really nice places

A black and white shoot by my friend Robin. We went to the hill called Drachenfels. An old story called this hill home of a dragon.

This shoot is done late evening near the city center. Bonn is a small but interesting town.

One of my favorite burger diner at all. You have to try the fries with homemade Bolognese sauce.
By the way i like to take mirror pictures but most of the times i fail to get an intresting one.

On our way up to the Drachenfels hill. According to Leonardo da Vincis Golden Cut i try to center the mainfocus on one of the cutlines.

As you probably know i love street art. Sure this is no Bumblebee or Bansky but this artist is better than the common tagger :-) and i love the colors on this graffity.